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How Is A Fundraising Experience Possible?

Your supporters currently have money locked up in the form of unused gift cards that they would gladly donate if ask. The problem for recipients becomes the-how-to convert a mixed pile of donated gift cards of various values into usable cash? The answer is to collaborate with MorphCARD, an established gift card exchange to convert cards into convenient cash. MorphCARD will support your gift card donation drive.

Here are the high points of a gift card giving program:

  1. Complete the mini form below and MorphCARD will promptly follow-up to establish an account relationship.
  2. Following an exploratory discussion, MorphCARD will propose a structure for your gift
  3. card appeal and prepare a quick start package to execute by.
  4. Following donation event(s), MorphCARD will arrange to collect the gift cards.
  5. MorphCARD confirms card balances, converts them cash, issues report & payment to your organization and, ships tax-deductible receipts to donors.

The MorphCARD gift card donation program is offered absolutely FREE of charge to include valuable resources and support. Your organization has the option to conduct a one-off donation drive or conduct multiple drives throughout the year to help fund your projects. Now take the first step in converting gift cards into cash by completing the information request form below.

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