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Buy with confidence, morphCARDs can be exchanged for any gift card, FREE!

MorphCARD, a national gift card exchange offers select retailers an opportunity to unlock money for customers trapped in gift cards through its MorphCARD Agent® Program.

MorphCARD Agent® Program

Join the MorphCARD Agent® Program and earn money for buying gift cards from your customers. As a MorphCARD Agent® you'll be paid for every gift card processed through MorphCARD. This FREE program allows you to team up with a respected brand, free up spending cash for your customers and earn commission dollars!

Commissions Income:

The Benefits of Joining MorphCARD Agent® Program

With the MorphCARD Agent® Program, commission earnings can add up to big money and customer satisfaction made to increase!

As a member of MorphCARD Agent® Program you'll enjoy:

How to Get Started

Apply at MorphCARDAgent® Program.

  1. Complete the MorphCARD Agent® information request form on our site.
  2. Receive confirmation e-mail from MorphCARD Agent® with membership information.
  3. Log in to MorphCARD Agent® Program and obtain helpful offline sales production resources.
  4. Contact MorphCARD should you have any questions concerning our processes.

Related Questions

Why should I join the MorphCARD Agent® Program?

Because being a MorphCARD Agent® is a great way to earn money while freeing up cash for customers. You'll get paid for every time a successful transaction is completed!

Plus, it's FREE to join!

How does the MorphCARD Agent® Program work?
A MorphCARD Agent® submits available gift cards offered for sale by their customer in exchange for commissions on successful transactions. The MorphCARD Agent® is paid a commission by MorphCARD when the MorphCARD Agent® a submits, gains approval and completes a transaction with MorphCARD.
How do I join the MorphCARD Agent® Program?
First, apply to be a MorphCARD Agent® with MorphCARD. After your application for the MorphCARD Agent® is approved, you will receive an e-mail with your agent account information. JOIN NOW!
What requirements does my business have to meet to be accepted into the MorphCARD Agent® Program?
A MorphCARD Agent® Program business must operate in the United States. MorphCARD reserves the right to cancel a MorphCARD Agent at any time.
After I join the MorphCARD Agent® Program, how do I get the documentation necessary to track and submit my production?
Log into your MorphCARD Agent® account, click "Resources" link and download the desired tools.
When will I receive my commission payment?
MorphCARD pays out commissions at the end of each week for earnings for the previous week. For example, you would receive a payment at the end of November for your third weeks production in the month of November.
Whom should I contact if I have questions about the program?
The first place to look for answers to your questions is Your MorphCARD Agent® account is a great place to learn about new program features or to get up-to-date reporting of your site's performance. If the answer to your questions can't be found, you can e-mail
Who is MorphCARD?
Established in 2012, MorphCARD is a national brand owned and operated by MorphCARD Financial and is one of the most recognized gift card exchanges in the industry. Learn more about MorphCARD by visiting our site at


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